Fair Food


What is it about fair food? The mystique of something you’ve never tried? The classic nostalgia of the cotton candy? The allure of deep-fried ANYTHING? No matter what, it’s pure magic and one of the delights of any trip to the county fair.

Strolling through the grounds, you’ll be tantalized by classics like fried dough and corndogs, alongside more unusual offerings like fried Oreos and baked ice cream. You’ll find a global array of cuisines including Italian, American, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Brazilian. You’ll find ice cream, pizza, fried pickles, hot pretzels, subs, burgers, cannolis, steak bombs, fried chicken, blooming onions, sausages, BBQ, and gyros. You’ll even find a beer and wine garden for patrons 21 and over.  

From the ordinary to the extraordinary, food isn’t just a sideshow at the fair. For many, it’s the main event!