Ground Acts

The list of wandering jugglers, magicians,

acrobats, local bands, and specialty shows

vary from year to year, but always offer

something new and entertaining.

Past Fairs Included:

Birds of Prey

HKS Clydesdales

Tractor Pulls

Bike Stunt Shows

Acrobatic Water Dogs

Fire Department Demonstrations

Neecha Braun & The Amazing Dobermans

Darren Yong, Comedy Magician Mind Reader

Sarah Swain and the Oh Boys Band

Rhythm & Blues Conspiracy

Stomp 86

Acoustic Fly Down

Baha Bros

Tattoo Cowboy


The staff at the Barnstable County Fair and the Cape Cod Fairgrounds hope you have a great time at the fair. We appreciate your feedback. Should you have any questions or feedback please email us at [email protected], or call 508-563-3200.

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