Homeland Response Force Training Volunteers Needed

Volunteers will be acting out roles of people trapped, hurt, scared victims or otherwise a bystander at the scene of a disaster. Some of you will be moualged (made up with make up) to simulate injuries and others will just be people walking around the scene telling the responders what they saw, being noisy, watching, etc. This can be messy and is not for everyone, so it you don’t want much (or any) moulage we can give you a role that doesn’t ask for any. And if you do not have old, dirty clothing that can be cut away, we’ll have some on site that you can use and then use the outfit you come in to wear back home.

Some will actually get carried out (via backboard or other transporting device) and put through the decontamination process. These folks will need to wear bathing suits under their clothes as the the clothes will most likely get cut off of them in the process.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day free of charge to you and we’ll have a tent with warmers and extra coasts in it for the days that the weather is not so favorable. We’ll also provide everyone with a certificate of appreciation within one or two weeks after the training is finished.

– Those under 18 have to have a waiver signed by parent/guardian (this can be emailed ahead of time)

– Those under 16 need to be accompanied by a responsible adult that can help manage them and remove them if they get scared or misbehave

– Those under 14 MUST be accompanied by a that can verify that they can handle the scene/make up, etc…

Please let us know if you can come out and support our troops so they can get the best training possible.

Also let us know if you still have further questions and if you provide a phone number, we’ll have a staff member call you back.

Thank you for considering being a part of our team.

To sign up email Jenn and [email protected] or visit our website at and click the blue button at the top.

The C4 Solutions Team

Volunteer Staffing Flyer MANG


Volunteer Staffing Flyer MANG – Download as PDF