Ground Acts


The list of wandering jugglers, acrobats,

magicians, local bands and specialty shows

vary from year to year, but always offer

something new and entertaining.


Past Fairs included:

Birds of Prey

HKS Clydesdales

Tractor Pulls

Bike Stunt Shows

Acrobatic Water Dogs

Fire Department Demonstrations

Whimsical Wendy

Wacky Chad

Magic Matt

Lucky Bob


Sarah Swain and the Oh Boys Band

Rhythm & Blues Conspiracy

Stomp 86

Acoustic Fly Down

Baha Bros

Tattoo Cowboy


The staff at the Barnstable County Fair and the Cape Cod Fairgrounds hope you have a great time at the fair. We appreciate your feedback. Should you have any questions or feedback please email us at [email protected], or call 508-563-3200.

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